Money Mindset Guide

  May 18, 2017 I

If you are an entrepreneur, service provider or coach of any kind, you will have within the first 3 months of your search for meaning, have come across the term MINDSET. Before we get into all the convoluted explanations of what that is, let's talk about what MONEY MINDSET is...

My 5 Top Ways to Rob Yourself of Joy

  Feb 4, 2016 I

Certainly there are a lot of ways you can rob yourself of joy, but for today's exercise, we will only focus on my top 5. 1. Take care of yourself last. No one has been better than this in the past then myself. I sometimes slip up but currently have managed...

Force Feeding Your Inner Child

  Feb 3, 2016 I

You need spiritual food, weather you realize it or not. We have a hunger deep inside that needs to be met and if it's not, it starts to look for other things to fill it up. For me this looks like: obsessing over client work, peppermint thin mints, my children's...

Ratchet Mindset Tips

  Feb 2, 2016 I

For my subscribers overseas, A rough translation of Ratchet via the Urban Dictionary (which is kind of ratchet itself): "Rachet" this person is the most non-classy human-being in your presence. They usually have the worst grammar problems and they always try to pick fights with everybody . Let me put this...

She said no teeth

  Jan 31, 2016 I

"Smile", she said, "no teeth". Rewind. For the first time in my life, I had let my passport expire. I had never thought this would be possible. Trapped? No possibility of escape? No last minute vacation possibilities internationally? So I went to the passport office to take care of it but first had to go take...

Royally Cheesed

  Jan 28, 2016 I

Anger. Great for business. Rallying against something is the whole reason we have politics, it makes for great entertainment. Pick something that pisses you off, make it your soapbox and you will attract droves of fans. In personal life anger can be a good catalyst for change. But giving advice to people about not...

George Costanza school of Pole Dancing

  Jan 27, 2016 I

You've run out of love, ideas, time, energy or patience. You need to regroup. Nothing is hitting your sweet spot. You're in the desert with no water in sight. Couldn't get excited if you won the lotto. We ALL have those days. And when I do, I like to indulge in the George Costanza school...

Why you should never have an alibi...

  Jan 26, 2016 I

Your... Angels / Spirit Guides / Ancestors / Really close friends / Animal Spirits / Chakras / Crystals / Divination Forks / Accountant / Agent / Broker / Dentist / Gyno / Imaginary Friends and Neighbours all called, and asked me to tell you to: Stop trying to impress ANYONE but yourself. Now...

Rap Lyrics for Creating Abundance

  Jan 23, 2016 I

90's era hip-hop was the soundtrack to my late teens and throughout my twenties, I do humbly believe it made me the sexy middle-aged mom entrepreneur that I am today. Now, it may seem odd that this should collide with my love of new-agey woo-woo affirmation, meditation, manifestation vibes... but there's...

Things to do when your life or biz is in the toilet....

  Jan 21, 2016 I

Sometimes things in our lives are re-organizing themselves and it looks like: chaos heartbreak loss negativity debt pain doubt you get the idea. And I bet you've been through one or two or ten of these already and lived to tell the tale, as have I. But I learned a mindset trick along the way to getting over it,...


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