Why You Keep Mismanaging Your Money/Biz/Life…Starts With An “L”

  Nov 6, 2017 I


Hey Wealth Seekers!

Today I am talking about the thing that for many of us is the world’s best excuse for letting ourselves, our businesses and our money down…


Yes, the same loyalty you had with crappy friends in highschool – and maybe even terrible friends in grade school!

We put loyalty above all else because it is a big giant safety net that keeps us down but also keeps us safe and in the connective circle of these we love.

I don’t mean you should go and do the opposite and be betraying your loved ones, what I do mean is stop being loyal to other peoples prioritites that do not further your values, your mission, your money or your business.

Stop being loyal to…

The needs of others before your own
Kids emotional drama

Partners emotional drama
Parents emotional drama
What people think
What people might think

Your critic

If any of these are preventing you from doing your 3-5 daily pay activities to make sure you health and wealth are being nurtured the way you want, then LOYALTY needs to shift.

I did a part 1 + 2 videos here digging into this a bit more:

https://www.facebook.com/iamagneskowalski/ Part 1

https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=606850023 Part 2

Let me know what you are loyalty that is taking you off track, hit reply or comment on the videos!



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