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Really consist of?

I follow this structure loosely,

My methodology has years of experience, hundreds of patterns that I’ve seen healed, and manifested results have been nothing short of miraculous.

Tested. Proven. It Works.



We look at everything that is currently at play in your thoughts, feelings and belief systems. We examine the subconscious programming that is directing your current reality. We look at what is not working, why it’s not working and where does it come from.



We set new intentions for your life that are clear and achievable while building out a new mindset that will be aligned with what you desire. You will receive particular tools that will help you to shift your negative thoughts, beliefs and feelings towards your new reality. Various techniques which may include EFT, visualization, forgiveness work, inner child work, behavioural therapy, meditation and journalling.



We work on creating aligned action to accelerate the manifestation process of your desired life. The key in this part of the process is to speed up the level with which you catch your old habits and reframe them to suit your new reality. You get a chance to implement your new beliefs and watch as your life transforms from the inside out.

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Results some of my clients have had

$100K in passive income in 6 months

5X desired severance package

Multiple orgasms with their partner after 10+ years of a sexless marriage

Being unexpectedly featured in media:,, huffpost

Manifesting dream vacations out of the blue

Creating a brand new online business and bringing in 6 figures in your first month

Shifting lifelong patterns of financial failure and creating massive wealth

Going from the verge of divorce to back in love

Unbelievable career shifts and successes

Manifesting a first book getting published and living as a writer

Life changing auditions that get booked

**These results are both exceptional and possible, 90% of my clients or 9/10 people have major breakthroughs from doing mindset work.

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